The Program

The problem we’re solving is a familiar one. A patient arrives in a fracture clinic or the orthopaedic hospital ward with a low trauma fracture. The orthopaedic team understands at this stage that the patient has self-identified as a likely candidate for a future hip fracture.

Then what happens? We treat the fracture that brought the patient to the clinic — than we do the necessary followup to prevent the next fracture. Except that this followup only happens in 20% of cases in Canada. This means that four-fifths of the time, the patient never gets the preventative followup either from the orthopaedic team, or from their family doctor.

The result? A debilitating, life-threatening hip fracture occurs at a later date. One that could have been prevented.

Enter the Break Free program that aims to change the same old, same old.

Our big idea?
Make it somebody’s job.