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The Brookfield Chair has positive relations with senior members of numerous organizations that are under the “big tent” of osteoporosis and fracture prevention. When assembling our Partners list not all our potential supporters had been formally approved by their boards and processes. We fully expect this list to get longer.

Canadian Orthopaedic Association logo

Canadian Orthopaedic Association

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Ontario Orthopaedic Association

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Osteoporosis Canada

Victoria Elliot-Gibson

Fracture Prevention coordinator at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto

Dr. Sonia Singh

Medical director of the FLS at Peace Arch Hospital, White Rock BC and Chilliwack BreakFree FLS program

Dr. Robert Josse

Endocrinologist, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

FLS Hub, Osteoporosis Canada

Please find a guide to OC resources here. If these resources are used, please attribute to Osteoporosis Canada and use the resources as provided.

Find fracture prevention programs across Canada:

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