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The Brookfield Chair in Fracture Prevention was established in March 2020. It is the world’s first university chair in fracture prevention.

The inaugural chair holder is Earl Bogoch, orthopaedic surgeon, Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto and advocate in the fight for hip fracture prevention across Canada.


March 2023

The Brookfield Chair in Fracture Prevention Funds the First Fracture Liaison Service Program in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Did you know that approximately 80% of Canadians that suffer a fragility fracture are not started on appropriate osteoporosis treatment, to reduce the risk (or prevent) imminent severe hip fractures in this high-risk group?

February 2022

Two hospitals 5,681 km apart joined at the hip – fracture prevention

Big news on the hip fracture prevention front with two new BreakFree Fracture Liaison Nurses starting work – 5,681 km apart. In Chilliwack BC, a new BreakFree Fracture Liaison Nurse has been hired. The training began back on December 6th.