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A Message From the Chair

Dr. Earl Bogoch

If you’re lucky you get to spend your life working on something that really matters. And I count myself as very lucky. For the past 25 years of my career as an orthopaedic surgeon and researcher, I’ve been working on a means of preventing hip fractures and their devastating effects on people’s lives.

We’ve known for over 20 years that there are people out there who are at high risk for a future hip fracture. What is needed is a foolproof system to get these people the right investigation and treatment before they fracture.

I truly believe that 2+ decades of persistence in fracture prevention is about to pay off.

With the creation of the world’s first Chair in Fracture Prevention, through the generosity of Brookfield Partners Foundation, we have a unique opportunity to move our cause ahead.

Read a little further and you’ll find out all about our new program that partners with local orthopaedic champions and promotes customization of the program to address local needs and resources. Importantly, The Chair will support these start-up programs with training, know-how, and yes — funding.

We call our innovative new program Break Free and we’re out to get our program implemented across Canada. We all know what needs to be done after working on this critical problem for decades. We intend to break the cycle of hip fractures. Because better bones mean better lives.

Dr. Earl Bogoch Signautre

Earl R. Bogoch

The Brookfield Chair in Fracture Prevention

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