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Establishment Of A FLS Training And Mentorship Program For The Peace Arch Hospital In BC

December 2023

Dr. Sonia Singh, Peace Arch Hospital in BC has shared the benefits and outcomes as a result of the Brookfield Chair funding for FLS.

In January of 2022, the Brookfield Chair provided 18 months of funding to expand and develop the existing part-time Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) program at Peace Arch Hospital (PAH) in White Rock, B.C. into a training and mentorship centre to support the spread of FLS across the province. 

As the first accredited FLS program in BC (operating since 2015), the PAH-FLS was a natural choice to act as the hub for FLS training.  In addition, Dr. Sonia Singh has been leading Implementation Science Research around FLS implementation and there was opportunity to incorporate research learnings into FLS spread in BC.

As a result of the funding from the Brookfield Chair the following outcomes resulted:

  • Hiring of a nurse clinician with extensive education and mentorship training to act as FLS coordinator at PAH.
  • Expansion of the FLS program from part-time to full-time.
  • Expansion of the FLS program on the OC-FLS registry from outpatient only FLS, to a combined outpatient and inpatient FLS.
  • Development of a comprehensive training toolkit with templates for inpatient, outpatient and combined FLS programs.
  • Toolkit shared with two new FLS programs in BC that supported rapid FLS start-up. Both of these new FLS programs are now on the OC-FLS registry.  The new FLS coordinators received hands-on training which took place at PAH in conjunction with the OC orientation package.
  • Creation of a community of practice for the three BC FLS coordinators who meet virtually once per month and connect as needed to share questions, resources and their experiences.
  • Enabled the development of a community of practice for FLS medical leads across the three FLS sites.
  • Enabled additional supports from the Fraser Health Authority to establish a better working environment for the PAH- FLS coordinator that has vastly increased efficiency and coordinator work satisfaction.
  • Permanent funding of a full-time FLS program at PAH effective July 1, 2023.
  • Contributed to a successful Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Health Policy Grant to partner with the BC Ministry of Health to develop policy to spread the FLS model across BC.

The funding from the Brookfield Chair to the Peace Arch Hospital FLS was a huge success and was a major support to the rapid and ongoing expansion of FLS programs in BC.  Our many partners are grateful to the Brookfield Chair for their support.