Issue 2, February 2022

Two hospitals 5,681 km apart joined at the hip – fracture prevention.

Big news on the hip fracture prevention front with two new BreakFree Fracture Liaison Nurses starting work – 5,681 km apart.

In Chilliwack BC, a new BreakFree Fracture Liaison Nurse has been hired. The training began back on December 6th.

And in Charlottetown PEI, their new BreakFree Fracture Liaison Nurse hire started in January at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Both programs started at the same time. We’d say this tie is a win for everybody.

Chilliwack General Hospital

Derrick Chan,
MD, Geriatrician,
FLS Medical Lead

Robert Stam,
Clinical Operations,
Primary Care Clinic

Michael Hing,

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Scott Wotherspoon,
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Martha Carmichael,
MD, Geriatrician

Ashley Poole,
Nurse Practicioner